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Current standings: 1st:  , 2nd: , 3rd: , 4th: Dodgers, Expos, Mets, Yankees 0-0 (tie)
3/7 Dodgers (A) vs Expos 6:30     Resheduled
3/9 Dodgers (H) vs Hudson 6:30      
3/14 Dodgers (H) vs Mets 6:30      
3/16 Dodgers (A) vs Expos 6:30      
3/21 Dodgers (H) vs Yankees 6:30      
3/28 Dodgers (A) vs Mets 6:30      
3/30 Dodgers (H) vs Expos 6:30      
4/1 Dodgers (A) vs Hudson 9:30 a.m.      
4/5 Dodgers (A) vs Yankees 6:30      
4/13 Dodgers (A) vs Expos 6:30      
4/18 Dodgers (H) vs Yankees 6:30      
5/3 Dodgers (H) vs Mets 6:30      
5/10 Dodgers (H) vs Hudson 6:30      
5/12 Dodgers (H) vs Yankees 6:30      
5/20 Dodgers (A) vs Hudson 9:30 a.m.      
5/23 Dodgers (A) vs Mets 6:30      
Manager: Karen Staggs, Head Coach: Mike Boller, Pitching Coach: Matt Buchs, & Team Mom: Vickie Clark
Players: Jenelle, Rachael, Jillian "beaner", Kay Dee "smiley", Marisa, "little" Loren, Cindy, Caitlin, Kathy "the steenking soccer player", Cassie "eh", Kathy "housemouse", TBA.
Well ... it's official ... softball is upon us! 

Personally, I very much look forward to this season. I've built a strong team with quality ball players, and we improved our roster in this year's draft. I return to teach and guide you (or kill you in the process), and, if I get hoarse from screamin' ... well, Karen has been known to scream a bit herself. 

Your parents will drag you to the fields (kicking and screaming if necessary), Karen, Matt and I will make sure you are prepared with the skills and the knowledge to win softball games. But it's up to you to play the game ... we can't do that for you. 

Each of you need to find that spot within yourselves that drives you to be the best ... that inner voice that says, "I will NOT let anyone beat me!". Find that drive and determination, harden your hearts, and give your team everything you've got ... go as hard as you can. If each of you do that, then no matter the final score of the game, the Dodgers win.

Based on what I know of each of you, and what I know about the other teams, I believe we are the team to beat ... the 'lil Dodgers should win our League Championship. BUT ... all the managers and coaches feel that way about their teams, and all the players want to win. There are no easy teams in West Pasco. Every team has quality ball players and any team can beat the others on any given night. 

You want to win the season? You want to go to Top Team Tournament? Then find your "inner winner", give your team everything you have, use the skills and knowledge we have given you ... go as hard as you can go for the whole game, every game ... and you'll stand proud with the Championship Trophy at the end of the season. K, A, All the Way, GO DODGERS!

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